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10 Tips for Successful Bloggers - Responsive Blogger Template

10 Tips for Successful Bloggers

10 Tips for Successful Bloggers - A Successful Blogger is someone who creates a Blog, becomes a Writer and can make up to millions of Rupiah. Where can the money be obtained from?

The answer is to become a Google Adsense Partner, which is to become an Ad Publisher. Not only but also success in the world of Market through the Blog.

I am a Beginner Blogger who has known a Blog since 2011. At this time, the beginning of the brain starts tweaking templates, designing, and learning HTML.

It is not easy and needs personal perseverance so we can make an excellent Blog. From the beginning of my tenacity in learning, I started making money in 2017.

Lots of successful bloggers in Indonesia, but most of them close themselves and do not want to appear. It's different if you become a Youtuber.

They display all that they have. The reason Bloggers Succeed is that they don't want their site to be rivaled by other sites. In the sense that competition marked by Google should be reduced.

I have not been as successful as the masters who are hiding but at least I will share a little story for all of you how to manage a real blog. With these simple techniques and tips, we can be sure that we can become unemployed but wage salaries. Be curious, please read until the end.
10 Tips for Successful Bloggers

1. Prepare the Weapon (Equipment)

What equipment does a Blogger use? Here you don't need a computer or laptop with high specifications. The important thing is to catch the internet network, and the speed is enough. Use the WIFI internet network, but if you don't have it, you can use Hotspot from your cellphone.

2. Create only one blog

Focus on making just one Blog. Moreover, you are a beginner who is just learning to write. To begin with, you can create a Personal Blog by using the name. This blog is the first time I made using my name. The contents of the article are my daily experiences both at home and at work.

3. Use Premium Templates

Why do you recommend that you use a template that you buy directly from the owner? The answer is, please read the Difference between Free and Premium Blog Templates. That way, you already have substantial capital because the Premium Template has so many advantages, including the SEO level so that the article easily competes on the Google homepage.

4. Buy a Domain (TLD)

A Domain affects a visitor's trust. If you are looking for information on Google, you should choose a site that has its own domain. If it's still an average Blogspot, people don't trust it because it's free. Moreover, Google is more suggesting a blog that has TLD compared to even using the original.

5. Start Writing (Don't Copy Paste, Spin)

For Beginners, Bloggers must be very difficult to learn to write. It is tough to arrange words into many sentences. It can because accustomed to be so for all of you who want to be able to write must try to keep writing better every day. Do not copy and paste other people's contents because it will adversely affect our blog.

6. Learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It's important to know what SEO is? ... By understanding these terms, we can be sure to make useful articles. Besides being easy to read and understand, it can also be crawled by Google's search engine. Your item will and will quickly be on the first page of Google and even occupy the first position.

7. Try and Fix the Wrong (Trial and Error)

Trying is good, so we know what is wrong and what is right. More and more make mistakes, then we will know which ones must be continued and which should be stopped. Do not ask too many questions to others because what is conveyed is not necessarily true. So personal experience is better and targeted.

8. Commit to Writing (If necessary make a schedule)

It's tough to commit to yourself, especially writing. It's not easy to do this job because it takes Extra Energy to be able to make a sentence. Perseverance and a strong commitment from within will help you continue to exist even more than we can imagine. Read: How to get an IDE IDE for a Blog.

9. Don't give up even if you fall

Everyone has experienced failure, so don't give up easily. Make the failure the most valuable lesson. Without these failures, you will become increasingly successful. Encourage and self-motivated, if you need to communicate with those around you who are more mature so you can advise and strengthen.

10. Accept the Results

There will be times when you get the desired results. Follow the stages in managing a blog from creating, writing to registering with Google Adsense. If all we can learn, inevitably there will be income obtained. Not only from Google Adsense, but if your blog is crowded, there will be a lot of revenue from the placement of article placement and placement of banner ads.

Those are some tips for becoming a successful blogger. Not easy as we turn the palm of the hand, but if there is an intention, there must be results. My struggle took a long time and even years, but now I can get the results I want. For those of you who are still in doubt, please reflect again and make a commitment.

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