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Juragan Premium Free 100% No Credit Link (Fast Blogger Template) - Responsive Blogger Template

Juragan Premium Free 100% No Credit Link (Fast Blogger Template)

Juragan Premium Free 100% No Credit Link (Fast Blogger Template)
Juragan Premium Free 100% No Credit Link (Fast Blogger Template) - On this occasion in this article, allow me to share the template made by Arlinadzgn. As we know, that responsive template is one of the products that you need to implement on your website or blog, but sometimes the model has a minimalist look because the goal is to dismantle the blog without being burdened by widgets.

If we catch a glimpse of this template demo, we will see some exciting things. Like the post widget under the header, which will attract more visitors if you visit Home. Then the widget that is on the right side looks very neat.

Then we see the footer section, there is an Instagram feed there. Widgets that are rarely on other blogger templates, right? This has become one that can attract me to choose this template. Although there is this widget, the blog still feels light, right?

For the features that do not need to be asked again, Responsive is undoubtedly embedded in this template. Then mobile-friendly, which will make it easier for visitors to access our blog when using a smartphone. The most important and foremost, is SEO. This template has been embedded SEO Friendly, so the only optimization is to complete it so that our blog can appear on Google Search page.

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I think this template is intended for blogs that have topics around news updates, blog tutorials, or even personal matches.

Now for this Skeleton Template is priced at $ 7.69, cheap for one class, but if you don't waste money to buy the template, you can download it for free in this article.

Yaps, in this article, I will share a Skeleton template that has Responsive Features, Responsive templates, and SEO Friendly with beautiful features with a convenient appearance for daily blogging activities. If you are interested in this template, I will share it for free, curious about the features? You can check below:

Mobile Friendlyyes
Google Testing Tool Validator (Index)yes
Google Testing Tool Validator (Item)yes
SEO Friendlyyes
Personal Blogyes
2 Columnyes
Top Navigationyes
2 Option Search Boxyes
Back to Top Buttonyes
Footer Menuyes
ShareThis Share Buttonyes
Featured Recent Postyes
2 Option Comment Systemyes
Fast Versionyes
Newsletter Widgetyes
Related Postyes
Sticky Sidebaryes
Image Lightboxyes
Sitemap Widgetyes
Contact Form Widgetyes
Instagram Widgdetyes
Fixed Menu on Mobileyes
Version 1 and 2yes
Download Juragan Premium Blogger Template
No Credit Link
Via GDrive
And Many More...

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