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How to Increase Adsense RPM Easily - Responsive Blogger Template

How to Increase Adsense RPM Easily

How to Increase Adsense RPM Easily - If you have successfully built a website of your own, it deserves thumbs up because you continue to be consistent with your blog. Well, the next thing you need to think about is when the blog does not produce the expected improvement even though you have diligently updated the article. It may be that you will feel bored and bored when income does not go up, looking for traffic and optimization there and here, but the results are not comparable even tend to decrease.

Have you ever felt that way? Yes, some situations can make AdSense CPM or RPM tend to go down. What is CPM or RPM? For its own understanding, CPM is an abbreviation of cost permille or cost per thousand which actually refers to the revenue provided by advertisers or advertisements while RPM is an abbreviation of income permille which actually refers to how much is paid to publishers or publishers.

Due to the unstable RPM, then because of this, some feel confused about how to increase google AdSense income online or optimize the RPM AdSense blog? There are some excellent suggestions that you can follow quickly and easily.

Unlike YouTube, which can be done automatically as in the case of monetization because everything is already in the dashboard while on the blog, we have access, especially the web that has its own hosting like WordPress.

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For example, in terms of themes, web loading, our visitors, here only we can change it, not someone else. So to be able to improve the performance of the blog must start from ourselves first. How do you do it? Well, you can get powerful tips in the description below.

You can also get other practical advice regarding blogs that you manage to get more leverage. Let's pay attention to it in full.
How to Increase Adsense RPM Easily

How to increase Blog Adsense RPM quickly

1. Location of ad placement, ad unit size, and modification.

Advertising is one factor that can help you to get income from Google Adsense. Suggestions for placing adverts in strategic locations have often been heard by you.

The excellent position to place ads is above the article posting, in the middle of the material and at the end of the content. Well, apart from that suggestion, you need to make careful and thorough observations of every click ad that we have gotten from our blog.

How to observe it is not too difficult because we can immediately see the detailed reports that have been provided on the Adsense account.

By knowing the position of ads that are suitable and good, will undoubtedly increase the performance of the blog. In terms of size, it is also essential to consider the highest capacity to increase RPM and CTR.

For example, one or two Ads link with a responsive format can boost the value of CTR. Besides modifying the display style of ads following the blog template can also bring visitors so that it will look unified and harmonious.

2. Create content that is organic and unique

Content is king and queen in the world of blogs. The more unique articles that are made and original, the higher our chances of getting first place in a Google search. Please note that Google really likes exclusive content and can beat other content on Google's search engine.

Another tip is the clarity and number of words posted in an article that influences the popularity of a blog. So you should not publish articles with too few words with a minimum number of 500 words or if possible more is better. Thus the material that we have succeeded in making will look more leverage and have a positive value in the eyes of Google.

3. Analyze data from the performance report

What you need to do next is to check the performance of AdSense and metrics including page views, number of ad clicks, page RPM. Generally, if the pageview or PV increases, the number of clicks will automatically increase.

If not, there is something wrong with placing ads on your blog. It could be that there are ads that have not been seen and are well implemented. But if the PV continues to increase but the clicks tend to go down, then there might also be something wrong in your content.

Most of the visitors, as market bloggers, usually rarely click on advertiser ads.

4. Take advantage of the Ad balance function on the dashboard

Ad balance is one feature that can help you in reducing the number of ads that will appear on our blogs by merely moving the slider at the bottom as you wish. When it is lowering the "ad fill rate" slide, Google will provide an estimate of what percentage of revenue we will get and how much influence it will have if the ad is reduced.

Ad balance itself has a function to focus more on the most profitable ad impressions, so advertisements that click on a small CPC will not appear on our blog. This will be more efficient.

The above description is the steps you need to take as a way to improve blog performance quickly and easily. You can immediately try and do it according to the things that have been explained above. Undoubtedly, there will be benefits and excellent results if you do it following the stages.

Hopefully, this article can help in increasing the RPM of your favorite blog, to match your dreams of having a blog with a quality producer of rupiah coffers that increases every month.

Do not hesitate to share this positive thing with other bloggers who certainly have the same expectations. Efforts to have a quality blog will not be in vain, the most important thing is that you continue to produce writings of your own work that can benefit others, so the success of Google AdSense is waiting for you. It may be useful!

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