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How to Speed ​​Up Blog Loading Easily and Successfully - Responsive Blogger Template

How to Speed ​​Up Blog Loading Easily and Successfully

Building a blog that is light and fast is something that all beginner bloggers must do without exception. Do you know? Having a quick blog can undoubtedly improve your ranking on search engines, especially on Google. Not only that, by speeding uploading the blog can provide a pleasant experience to everyone who visits your blog.

However, some people do not take into account the speed of loading their blog because it tends to put a lot of ads on one page so that it will make packing a slower blog. Besides, the internet, quota issued will be more wasteful.

Because of the above, bloggers should consider the factors that can make loading their online pages heavy.

Actually, various ways can be done to speed uploading a web page to be faster. Optimization of online websites is a lot, ranging from optimizing the layout of the blog, optimization of the title to be interesting, ad placement, and there are still others.
Well, what about the speed of your blog? Is your blog included in the category sooner or later?

If your website is a massive loading web. So, this article has new tips and tricks to speed up loading the blog; most likely, it will succeed in a relatively easy way.

Previously, did you know? Anything that can slow downloading your business internet site? Then before knowing how to overcome it, you must know the cause first.

Some of the possibilities are because of the large size image, multiple ads on one page, heavy template type, wrong hosting options, and so on. Therefore, from these various possibilities, let's look for a solution in the description below covering easy and successful tips and tricks in accelerating/optimizing your blog so that it is lightweight. Come follow the discussion.
How to Speed ​​Up Blog Loading Easily and Successfully

How to speed up blog loading quickly and successfully

1. Choosing a suitable niche for the blog

Some people suggest selecting a niche that matches your abilities and interests, others suggest selecting a niche that is widely searched on the internet.
And indeed both opinions have a point. But there is a good suggestion if you want to get money from Google Adsense is to choose a niche that you like and has nothing to do with topics around blogging.

Because in fact, the best niche is what you like and are good at. However, you can still explore titles or other topics that are a little wider and related to the central niche in your blog. A slot with lots of lasting keywords will be the best choice to keep searching for by many people all the time.

2. Build an SEO Friendly Blog

Try not to use too many features on your blog page, especially for Wordpress users. Generally, excessive use of plugins can make the loading process on the blog longer.

Nobody likes to linger for a long time to load a blog, right? Therefore you need to pay attention to the standards of your blog, such as the Title Homepage, description, and other things that affect SEO.

3. Minimize the size of CSS

The next tip is to reduce the CSS size used on your blog so that it will be lighter and indirectly speed uploading on your site.

You don't need to minimize the CSS size manually, because this way will actually take a very long time. But you can try to reduce the CSS size by using a well-known CSS site, for example at csscompressor.com.

4. Compress images before uploading

It would be better before you upload an article with an attached image, try to first do the compressing process on the image. Although it is quite complicated and requires some more time.

But apparently the results are good, besides being able to speed up blog loading, this allows for space savings on your blog storage. However, apart from that, it's all better not to reduce the sharpness in the image so that it can be not easy for visitors to see.

5. Limiting the Number of Ad Views

Sometimes some bloggers start advertising blindly; this is what can make your blog perform poorly because it's slow.

A good suggestion is to not put too many ads on your one page. Besides being able to slow down the loading process of the blog, this can also interfere with visitors to be able to read your writing content properly. A visitor.

Here are some new tips for you to be able to speed up the loading process on your blog quickly and are guaranteed to succeed. Hopefully, some of these ways can help the quality of your blog better, especially in the loading speed.

No doubt if your blog has fast performance, surely blog visitors will be more comfortable and even want to visit again. Hopefully, this tips is useful to you, and thank you.

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