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Here's the concept of being a Successful Blogger

For novice bloggers, usually, there is always a desire to find out what the concept of a successful blogger to build their blog so that it can be known to many people.

This article was made deliberately so that novice bloggers or who have not yet entered the world of blogging can be inspired and motivated to follow in their success.
Here's the concept of being a Successful Blogger

Consistently Going through Processes and Facing Barriers

According to successful bloggers, they all always say that they do not necessarily immediately become successful, but consistently take a long journey.

Be strict in facing all obstacles that come from the beginning they started to build, that's the concept of the first successful blogger.

All Bloggers Chances Can Be Successful

So, anyone can be as successful as they are, with the record of being able to go through a long process during the blogging process, that's all more or less.

Happy Visitors to Visit

I am not familiar with Mas Darmawan, the owner of the tutorial, and have never met face to face, but when I entered his blog, I immediately enjoyed reading it.

Also, I immediately joined in commenting, bookmarking the web, and even sending an email for consultation, why is that? What is wrong?

If you look at the comments column is always crowded and never quiet, why is it like that? This is what we will discuss in our writing this time.

Spread New Reaps

One more thing, Mas Gani Sebastian with his Klik Mania, how much money did he spend to pay the writers, including me, one of them, not to pay his employees at BaseCamp Klikmania.

But I'm sure what he got could be higher than what was issued. Did it just happen? I'm sure not.

The next successful blogger concept is self-sacrifice

The thing is I was looking for fun on a website to find out the price of a website, and it turned out to Klikmania mas Gani Sebastian is very large,

That is the result of his hard work not only financial sacrifice but also his time and energy or maybe his feelings.

If you see the work of a successful blogger concept, sometimes you always want to be like that. But it certainly won't be possible even with significant capital.

Even with significant capital, you can't? Yes, because when talking, blogging will not be separated by the name of search engines, one of them.

Successful Bloggers Build User-Friendly Blogs

And search engines will not like the concept of bloggers who want to be fast-paced, the Abra Kadabra, the preferred is the concept of a user-friendly blog because users are humans, not artificial robots.

If so, it means the concept of a successful blogger is to be patient and obey the rules.

There are still some concepts of successful bloggers that are the results of the author's review of several blogs belonging to successful bloggers, including:

Successful Bloggers Like Quality Content

In this regard, the content of successful bloggers is always to put quality.

They always present writings with the concept that their readers are humans, not robots, so it must be easily understood by humans.

No wonder the successful bloggers are never empty of visitors, visitors seem to make their blogs as a manual for their problems.
Quality content, one of which is having value solutions other than information.
With quality content like this, sometimes even without paying attention to SEO ranking in search engines is very good, and traffic is also very high.

Because when quality content, visitors really like to read, not just stop by and never come back.

Successful Bloggers Love Welcoming Visitors and Responding to Feedback Fast

Successful bloggers assume that visitors to their blogs are guests who must always be respected, not the least regard visitors as uninvited guests.

Whatever input is conveyed by the visitors is always responded quickly. Whether in the form of questions, statements, complaints, information, even criticism is always answered with pleasure.

For successful bloggers, their blog visitors are like a king.

Successful Bloggers dare to show their identity

Successful bloggers at first may not want to be known by many people in the online realm; it's just that they commit themselves to the importance of trust of their visitors.

Finally, by themselves, they must show their identity on his blog.

The Consequences of Being Famous

Consequently, inevitably, it is known to many people, on the one hand it might become a particular time to serve visitors to maintain harmony, but on the other hand, there are many advantages.

Having to set aside time to reply to comments, reply to emails, chat on social media, and even reach personal contacts is possible.

The author believes that successful bloggers experience this.

The Response Fruit is Very Sweet

However, as a result, whatever successful bloggers offer to loyal viewers, I don't think it will be challenging to get an answer.

Even for deals that deal with finance, though.

It will be the different responses from visitors to the profile of Sebastian Sebastian when he put up a pattern with the original photo compared to just putting up an Avatar, for example.

Creating Trust Against Visitors

Without his excellent service, I might even hesitate to become a writer at KlikMania.

When I see his profile photo, real picture, when sending emails, even though it's a personal matter, he still responds quickly.

What do you think about my response? Yes, of course, Trust and Respect.

I think almost all blog visitors want to be served well and quickly.

Successful Bloggers Make Anatomy of the Site Well

The results of my review, it turns out that successful bloggers are entertaining. The site navigation is right, even though it contains many categories, visitors still find it easy because they are separated by tags or markers.

Always display a search field to make it easy for visitors to find what they need.

So if visitors have a short amount of time, they can quickly find what they need.
Blogs of successful bloggers are always rich in content so it will be difficult if we have to search one by one without the search column.
This is important if anyone has time to read all the content of successful bloggers, most likely finished reading they will become infected too successful, why can?

Because the concept of a successful blogger is like making a complete content from a discussion.

The knowledge of the reader is even more profound after visiting, so they will return to visit.

Sitemaps Are So Important

Sitemaps are also the concept of successful bloggers, they understand that their blog readers are diverse in every respect.

Successful bloggers understand that some of the readers have characters who always want to be quick in finding specific material.

If the search column is usually a prologue and posting pictures are all present, but the site map only displays the title.

The sooner visitors find what they want, the happier they are to visit.


Successful bloggers finally always present an accessible and representative site map for their loyal readers.

The concept of Successful Blogger means wanting to spoil their loyal viewers, even the smallest thing.

Hopefully, our blogger concept will increasingly lead to successful bloggers.

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