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4 Growth Phases of Blogs You Need to Know - Responsive Blogger Template

4 Growth Phases of Blogs You Need to Know

You monetized it, and have created a site, updated it. So you are eager to website, You're disappointed as these efforts do not make money.

In the long run, you feel that making plenty of money is tricky to understand.

You're not alone.

What's the solution?

The solution is to see that creating a blog to turn into a"money machine" is a very long journey that requires time and effort.

From a few references that I read, this trip is divided into 4 stages:
4 Growth Phases of Blogs You Need to Know

1. Establishment Phase

The focus in this stage is the creation of useful content (quality) and website installation. The quantity of material is an essential element. The range is 50-100 articles.

The blog installation is to install the plugins needed, design an attractive site look and also do search engine optimization (search engine optimization ).

This stage of the institution takes. Since they're occupied and concentrated monetizing blogs, bloggers fail at this point.

2. Traffic Growth Phase

This stage has started to earn revenue and is marked by traffic, comments, RSS readers. The focus of this phase is currently writing useful, incorporating backlinks and content.

In my opinion, the best way is to become a guest blogger on blogs that are famous and or sites backlink your writing.

It takes time and energy to achieve both these items, but rest assured time, and your strength will pay off later on.

In searching for backlinks include registering their articles commenting on countless bloggers that are mistaken do-follow sites, etc.

 I'm sure Google has a sophisticated engine so they can differentiate between quality backlinks (obtained by hard work) and backlinks of inferior quality.

The period of traffic growth is a process that could take. Moreover, traffic growth may be slow but gradually grow.

Strategies for this phase:
1 guest blogger article to be sent by plan to blogs
Weekly, create 1-2 pillar articles

3. Maturity and Monetization Stage

Traffic characterizes this stage with efforts that aren't as hard as the growth period that was blog. Moreover, RSS readers get guest blogger posts and reach thousands.

Due to a lot of customers and traffic, efforts to blogs will be more straightforward. Blog owners need to make deals with advertisers, affiliate marketing, PPC optimization, and also sell their services or products.

This stage requires time: 6-12 months.

4. Maintenance Phase

The maintenance phase (maintenance) is a really interesting and exciting stage. For example, bloggers who have attained this stage are Darren Rowse (Problogger), John Chow, Yaro Starak, Daniel Scocco, Agus Ramdhani, Nurudin Jauhari, Kang Rohman, etc.

Time needed: infinite.


Making plenty of money from a website is a very long process (no shortcuts). This process won't stress you out if you understand at the start of the four phases of the evolution of the blog since the income doesn't go big.

Enjoy all of the stages that you're currently going through now.

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