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Difference between Free, Premium, Clone and Convert Blog Templates - Responsive Blogger Template

Difference between Free, Premium, Clone and Convert Blog Templates

Difference between Free, Premium, Clone, and Convert Blog Templates - Do you know how the different features or criteria of blogger templates are free, paid, personal/personal, clone, and convert?

Practically, the free blogger template can be downloaded for free. The features are also ordinary, nothing more and nothing less. Usually, there is a Link insert inside the blogger HTML template.

While the Premium Blogger Theme usually does not have link injection, the installed SEO meta tags are generally not the same as the SEO meta tags of the blog templates that are distributed free of charge.
Difference between Free, Premium, Clone and Convert Blog Templates

Difference between Free, Premium, Clone and Convert Blog Templates

Also, Free Download Blogger Theme is not allowed to delete Credit Link or Copyright from the designer, while the Premium version templates are allowed to remove the copyright owner of the model by the designer.

Difference between Free, Premium, Clone and Convert Blog Templates

Actually, if you ask anything different for my friends who have often downloaded free blog templates, of course, the difference is familiar with the Premium Blogger Theme.

1. Difference between Free Template and Premium Blogger Theme

Free Download: Encrypted File & No Support; Premium - One-time payment, lifetime premium support, lifetime template updates, unlimited domains, remove credits, and much more.

One of the characteristics of a free template, usually many parts are error, mainly HTML and CSS. Unlike the paid version of the model that has no damage, both internal and external.
Premium Blogger Theme is also made with a rather complicated difficulty because the process of making, developing, and creating it must be really maximal.

Not to mention, when an error or bug is found by the buyer, like it or not, the template designer must fix the error damage from the paid blog template.

2. Clone or Cloning Blogger Templates

Clone, Cloning, or Cloning is double. Practically, "pirated" blogger templates.

For example, one template designer makes a blogger template where the appearance of the Blogger Theme is similar to the presence of other Blogger Themes.

This is what is meant by cloned templates or pirated blogger templates. In short, the Clone's understanding is "pirated."

3. Convert Blogger or WordPress Theme

Convert template type, the situation is almost the same as the blogger Clone template above. What distinguishes these two terms is where the Blogging or Blogging platform is used.

If you find a WordPress Theme in the form or appearance of SEO Thesis, but in Blogger, there is also a template that looks almost the same (correctly) as the SEO Thesis.

Meaning? The Blogger Theme has converted the SEO Thesis from the WordPress Theme earlier, and this also applies vice versa.

4. Difference between Personal Blog and Magazine Templates

Basically, the Blogger Theme has a site that looks different from one another. There are Flat-UI, Grid, Google AMP, Bootstrap, and many more.

Whatever and whatever the appearance, the blog template is actually divided into 2 parts; Personal or Magazine.

Personal blogger templates are usually used for blogs with article content that is personal like life's journey; or only use one article topic, for example, about technology alone.

Magazine Blogger Theme or magazine-style templates are usually used for sites that contain a variety of articles as the main content, where there are many categories of articles to choose from.

Magazine style blog templates usually consist of 3 columns and more, while personal blog templates (identical) are only available 2 columns consisting of BlogPosting and Sidebar-Wrapper.

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