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Causes and Solutions Websites or Blogs have Few Visitors - Responsive Blogger Template

Causes and Solutions Websites or Blogs have Few Visitors

Causes and Solutions Websites or Blogs have Few Visitors - If we see the blog will be empty of visitors, of course, it will be unfortunate for bloggers. With difficulty writing articles but visitors did not come.

This will undoubtedly be felt by all bloggers. Especially the bloggers who are still relatively beginners. However, no doubt also the bloggers who have struggled for years did not get visitors as expected.

From reading the blogger's experience and asking directly through the discussion group, I finally got answers to the questions of many beginner bloggers. The answer turns out to be ourselves. What might not realize is that the mistakes turn out to be natural.

From these mistakes and in the end, create a lonely blog visitors. Well, so as not to get dizzy and stressed seeing a blog that is empty of visitors then on this occasion, I will share the information I get. Information about the cause of the blog will be quiet visitors. Check out the complete discussion below.
Causes and Solutions Websites or Blogs have Few Visitors

Here Are 5 Causes of Blogs Lack of Visitors and The Solution

This article is merely sharing experiences about the causes and solutions of a lonely blog. Maybe I'm not a great person like other master bloggers. But what's wrong with sharing knowledge and safety. With this experience, you can take positive values.

1. Creating Articles That Are Not Qualified

Before we give value about quality / non-quality content/articles, what we need to know in advance is what quality articles are. Quality content/article is an article that can provide information and solutions to visitors of what he is looking for. So, quality articles are informative articles.

While articles that are not qualified are articles that do not provide information and solutions but only make articles for search engines. So, when a visitor reads the article, he does not get information and answers. Thus, visitors will immediately leave the blog article page. A short visit duration will undoubtedly affect the value of blogs on search engines.

Therefore, the solution is you have to make quality articles. This will make visitors feel at home to read blog articles, and the reading duration will be longer, which will provide good value to search engines. Make a quality article does not need to belong, but at least 500 words and is an original article (the work itself).

2. Minimum Number of Articles

The reason for the lack of visitors to the next blog is an article that is still very minimal. The number of items in a blog will also significantly affect the number of visitors who will come. If the articles you make are few, the ones you visit will also be few. Try to imagine if your blog only has 100 items with a blog that has 1000 pieces.

If each article visited by 1 person, 100 articles for blogs only get 100 visitors, while 1000 articles for blogs will get 1000 visitors. Now, if 20 people are visiting each section, a blog with 1000 articles will get 20,000 visitors. Of course, this is a vast number of visitors.

So, the solution to this problem is that you must be consistent in making articles. Make an article of at least 1 or 2 items every day and target your item to reach 1000 articles in 2 or 3 years. Maybe in those years, your blog was still empty of visitors.

After 1000 articles are indexed, you will get very many visitors. Being, a blogger requires a long time and high consistency.

3. Make a Seasonal Article

If you get a lot of visitors in certain months, there will be fewer visitors in other months. Then you have to look again whether your article is a seasonal article or not. Seasonal pieces are items that are only sought in certain months. For example, a material about a national exam in high school will get a lot of visitors just before the national exam.

While other months only a few read it. So, try making articles that will continue to be sought after by many people every month. For example, you make an article about tutorials and tips & tricks. Items like this do not have a season but will be sought after by people who need it.

4. Incorrectly Implement SEO

SEO is a fundamental science in the world of bloggers. By implementing SEO properly, the visitors who come are targeted visitors and not the wrong target. SEO will also affect whether the articles created will be indexed or not. If you are wrong, then your article might not be indexed or indexed but not on page 1 of Google. Articles that are not on page 1 of Google will likely be visited very little.

SEO is indeed a lot and complicated. Therefore, bloggers cannot master all the SEO sciences, even master bloggers. What's more, Google is always updating new algorithms from search engines.

However, you don't need to worry, you can still apply 3 Simple SEO Techniques so that Articles Are on Google's Page One. In that article, I have explained 3 simple SEO techniques that you can use easily. But it will have a significant influence on your blog.

5. New Articles for the Age of Corn

The term great article is an article that you just made in 1 or 2 months. To be able to index and compete on page 1, of course, requires no short time. An article fighting on page 1 generally requires a minimum of 3 months, and some even require annual time.

So, when you create a new article a few months let alone just a few weeks continued to complain that no one visited so try to be patient. Stay focused on making articles for your blog so that when your articles are indexed all, then your article has a lot. This will significantly affect the number of visitors to your blog later.

That's the article about This Is the Causes of Blogs Lack of Visitors And The Solution. Hopefully, this article can provide solutions to those of you who are confused about why the blog is empty of visitors.

Try fixing these 5 errors to increase your visitors. The most important thing is we have to make quality articles, be patient, and pray. Because quality articles are one of the best SEO techniques.

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