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5 Effective Methods to Earn Income from your Blogs - Responsive Blogger Template

5 Effective Methods to Earn Income from your Blogs

5 Effective Methods to Earn Income from your Blogs - Effective Methods of Getting Income from Blogs - For bloggers, earning income from blogs is one of their dreams and goals.

Yes, now it is very possible we can get income in the form of money and other material from blogs.

Realizing this, many people then flocked to create a blog in hopes of getting passive income from it.

Of course, it's not that easy. You should not think that earning money from a blog will only require you to create a blog, publish articles, and wait for the funds to enter your account afterward.

Not like that, how to play. There are various methods to get income from blogs, even if you and the blog that you develop are already ready to capture multiple opportunities.

Well, after that, try some effective methods to get blog income which is summarized as follows:

1. Create an Online Store

Earn money from blogs - online shop
Having your own online store will inevitably bring up tremendous opportunities for you to earn income from blogs.

Many people think that blogs and online stores should be separated, even though presenting blogs and online stores simultaneously increases the chances of getting new customers.

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The key is to encourage your regular visitors to become customers who buy products from your online store in the same place.

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In fact, the articles on your blog can encourage people to enter your online store and buy products from them.

Products such as ebooks, both reseller and dropship fashion products, electronic products from certain suppliers, and so on can be used as product ideas for sale on your blog.

For those of you who are just starting out, the right platform for making this necessary is WordPress.

By providing an online store on your blog, your blog will have the potential to generate more revenue consistently.

2. Advertise

tips before registering google adsense
Posting an ad on a blog is the easiest and most common way to get income from a blog.

Whether it's placing advertisements from third parties Google Adsense, PayClick, MediaVenus, and so on or even placing ads independently without third parties.

There is a difference between advertising independently and with third parties. When placing ads alone, you provide a unique space on your blog, whether it's in the sidebar, header, footer, or in writing.

You invite advertisers to contact you about advertising. Usually, there is a period of advertising installed, and the price is adjusted to the size of the ad banner, location, up to the period.

Ads from third parties are usually provided by advertising platforms such as Google Adsense and PayClick.

Joining Google Adsense and placing ads from it actually has the potential to generate passive income if you make large numbers of visitors.

Your income from advertising will highly depend on the number of visitors and ad placement on your website.

Google Adsense has been able to 'support' many people. However, don't underestimate the power of PayClick, which has now been published in 107 countries.

3. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Earn money from blogs - affiliate marketing

Both in Indonesia and internationally, there are already many platforms that provide affiliate programs.

For example, in Indonesia, Niaga Hoster, which is a well-known hosting platform in Indonesia, provides a 70% commission in its affiliate programs. This is something extraordinary for every affiliate marketer in Indonesia.

Not to mention InvolveAsia, a platform specifically intended to bring together publishers/bloggers with companies that provide affiliate programs such as Lazada, Elevenia, and many more.

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The most common are affiliations with Amazon and eBay. Commissions earned from affiliate programs are very profitable, especially if your blog is very well developed and has a large reader base.

4. Sponsored Post

Earn money from blogs - sponsored post

Popular blogs, have a variety of quality content and have a vast number of visitors are generally often glimpsed by advertisers or agencies where they want to display promotional articles on your blog.

Pay per article is also very tempting, the average starts from Rp 100,000. That article is also provided by the advertiser, you as the blog owner, just publish it on your blog with specific conditions such as backlinks must do-follow, accompanied by images, and so on.

You can also register as an influencer on SociaBuzz.

5. Create Premium Content With a Subscription System

This concept is used by Udemy and Linda.com. If you discuss specific topics in a very comprehensive manner in the form of articles, presentation slides, or videos, you can present them as premium content and give access to readers with a subscription system.

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You can set yourself how much the subscription price is charged to your readers, whether it's one-time payment, subscriptions per month, to subscriptions per year.

For you WordPress users, you can turn your blog into a membership platform using the Restrict Content Pro or S2 Membership plugins.


Well, that's 5 effective methods that you can apply from now on to get income from your blog. What do you think? Is there anything you need to add, or what are your recommendations? It may be useful!

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