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4 This Is the Destruction of SEO Optimization Results - Responsive Blogger Template

4 This Is the Destruction of SEO Optimization Results

Basically, the purpose of doing SEO optimization is so that the optimized blog/website can enter the first page of Google with specific keywords. This makes many people, especially those in the online business world, take advantage of this to help increase profits from the sale of goods/services through SEO optimization that is done on the website.

Not infrequently, a lot of SEO experts, marketing consulting services & digital agency companies in Indonesia competing to offer the best SEO techniques they have.

It's not difficult to do SEO, as long as you know the Google guidelines, as well as various optimization techniques both on-page and off-page, even though you are still a layman even though you can also do it.

But some extraordinary things are not realized; this has to do with technical matters on the website coding, so it is not uncommon when many people complain why the optimization has not produced results / why the optimized keywords do not also appear on page 1 of Google.

That's because they missed the following things.
4 This Is the Destruction of SEO Optimization Results

1. Design that is not Mobile-Friendly / Responsive

In 2015, Google launched an algorithm called the Mobilegeddon Algorithm. This algorithm targets websites that are not responsive to mobile.

Why does it have to be mobile?

Because Google is also adjusting to the times, and they realize that smartphones are the only communication tool that is widely used, they can access the internet from anywhere and at any time using only smartphones.

For this reason, websites/blogs that have not been responsive to the results of SEO optimization will also be complicated to be able to enter page 1 of Google.

2. Loading Speed ​​Must Be Considered

pay attention to loading your website a website with a short loading will be better
It is undeniable that a website that has a long loading when accessed will undoubtedly make users furious. For this reason, the loading speed of a site must be considered not even too long.

You can try to measure the loading speed of your website/blog using https://gtmetrix.com.

3. Careless and Ducplicate Content

content is the most important elementcreate content that is useful for readers

Remember, Google is a search engine that filters so many websites to provide the best results on the information sought. So if you don't really focus on delivering useful content, don't expect an optimized site to enter page 1 of Google

Mainly if you only write the perfunctory/true, then Google will skip your website even though it has been optimized properly. Google will choose other websites that are more relevant with good content, of course, this is following the purpose of the Google Panda Algorithm that focuses on low-quality content.

Google also does not like duplicate content, you should avoid this and start writing with an orientation that can benefit readers.

4. Too Excessive SEO Optimization

don't overdo SEO optimization do SEO optimization appropriately

Something excessive is not right, so is extreme SEO optimization.

Why is that?

This is done by Google to reduce the number of spammers who are always in the search for links (optimizing through link-building techniques, PBN, link exchange, etc.)

If you include doing one of the above, then from now on just and don't continue. Google's algorithm is now brilliant, and when you try to outsmart it in dirty ways, it will no longer be useful with the presence of the Google Penguin Algorithm and Google Fred.

So you already know where it hurts? If there really is a technical factor that has not been fulfilled from your website/blog, fix it immediately so that the SEO optimization that you do can be maximized. Remember to always obey the rules given by Google itself and never break them, you will know the consequences later!

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