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13 Interesting And Unique Facts About Google Adsense

Who is not familiar with Google's PPC advertising, namely Google Adsense. The lucrative income from its publisher makes many people interested in participating in getting the same thing. Nowadays, Adsense has become one of the goals of bloggers.

Not even a few bloggers who justify any means to be accepted by Adsense or have an Adsense account. Now from the events that exist, you can read some interesting and unique facts about Google Adsense below.
13 Interesting And Unique Facts About Google Adsense

13 Exciting And Unique Facts About Google Adsense

1. Google Adsense attracts people to create blogs

One person who succeeded can bring up to ten new people in creating a blog, even nine out of ten of my friends now participate in creating a blog for Adsense after I told them about the tasty income from Google's ads.

Well, inevitably, we get rivals every day, especially in SEO, because novice bloggers may drown us on search engines, whether it's Google, Bing, or others.

2. Google Adsense mentally tests prospective publishers

Trying again, trying again ... is a normal thing for a potential Adsense publisher. Rejected once, no problem. Rejected three times, it is normal. Rejected seven times, he began to despair. Real facts and can not be contested, the mental prospective Adsense publisher is really tested. Not many potential publishers survive because of being rejected by Adsense many times.

3. Google Adsense PPC ads are the most popular Indonesian bloggers

Have you ever seen the Google Adsense Indonesia forum? Or maybe you already joined in it? But did you also join other PPC advertising forums? Now the question is compelling if Google Adsense is the most popular PPC advertisement for Indonesian bloggers, maybe because of its famous reputation, especially trustworthiness. What about foreign people? I do not know because I am Indonesian.

4. Banned awaits cheating Adsense publishers

Like a client, if you cheat in cooperation, then Google does not hesitate to break the ties of friendship using a banned account. Google is smarter than its publisher, not a few people who use blackhat to make lots of money and end up with a permanently banned account. So be careful, don't use Adsense to try.

5. Getting money from Adsense is not as easy as the theory

After being accepted as an Adsense publisher, a new challenge awaits is, "How can I make a blog to make a lot of money from Adsense?" This factor makes many people do blackhat. Well, everything requires a process, unless your visitor has reached tens of thousands per day. But if you start from scratch, it might take several months before you feel the PO from Adsense on the 21st.

6. Google Adsense? Strange but True

The title above I wrote from personal experience when I registered a blog to Adsense and was rejected. I registered again within 4 days without fixing the blog that I recorded, you know what happened?

I was accepted as a publisher, maybe Google began to feel sorry for me. But after not being a publisher in three months, my account was suspended for 72 days, and starting now, it's been 7 days.

There is also my friend's experience, building a hard-working blog for more than a year but continues to be rejected by Google.

When he casually registered a blog that had never been treated, left for about 7 months with 20 articles (approximately, I forgot the exact number), he finally accepted. What does Google think? I do not know, really strange but true.

7. US Adsense accounts are more vulnerable to banned for Indonesian publishers

Well, here it is, many articles write if Google Adsense US is immune from banned and high CPC. You surely know that US Adsense is made for American citizens, not for Indonesians.

But due to repeated rejections, US Adsense is a convincing alternative because there are already many people who successfully payout using the account.

You need to know, actually US Adsense is more prone to be banned for Indonesian bloggers, there are a lot of complaints from people who have been banned for even 7 days without using it for obvious reasons.

8. CPC Adsense affects Indonesian publishers learning English

The positive impact that Adsense publishers can feel with a high fire spirit is learning English to create an English-language blog because the CPC value is higher than an Indonesian-language blog. This is no secret, you can ask the successful bloggers in the Adsense world, some of them have Caucasian blogs that can make dollars very quickly.

9. Screenshot of Adsense income add popularity and money

If you are active in forums or the Google Adsense Group, you must have seen screenshots of Adsense earnings that are so high, maybe up to thousands of dollars per month. From there came the novice blogger who began to ask questions and ask for secrets with the call "Master" (you will start to be known), but in the end instead sell Ebooks at exorbitant prices, but strangely still sell well. Well what else can I do, that's the fact.

10. Adsense ads make blogs look more perfect

I wonder what makes it this way, AdSense ads turned out to make your blog look more perfect. Maybe because the banner ad design has an icon on the top right that says "Ads by Google," or perhaps because of the difficulty of being a Google Adsense publisher now, or others. But that's the fact, blogs with Adsense ads look more charming and add a professional impression.

11. Google Adsense open job vacancies

Don't get me wrong, the job vacancy I'm referring to here is the buying and selling of an Adsense account. Because of the many interests of bloggers who want an Adsense account, a creative person starts to come and open a service to make or sell a Google Adsense account.

But unfortunately, now there is a lot of fraud. Either after the money was sent, the account was not given or after the report was given, then hacked, and so on. Therefore to overcome this, please read Tips Before Buying a Google Adsense Account.

12. Youtube Adsense Publishers get faster dollars

Is it true that YouTube Adsense publishers get dollars faster? Google noted in the Asia Pacific, Indonesia is the country that has the most access to Youtube.

In 2015 it increased to 130% from the previous year, besides Youtube Adsense is straightforward to get. Only with 3-5 original videos, you can have an AdSense hosted AdSense account in just a few days.

13. Being an Adsense publisher, it's getting harder and harder

Days keep changing, more and more Adsense enthusiasts. Even now, to get a reply from Google requires time that is not short.

Until there are months or even more years. Also, Google is more careful in choosing blogs that are deemed appropriate to publish advertisements. So don't waste time, it's time to move and act. Come on, write, share your knowledge with readers, hopefully useful.

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