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10 Blogging Tips For Beginners So That Your Blog Is Liked By Visitors - Responsive Blogger Template

10 Blogging Tips For Beginners So That Your Blog Is Liked By Visitors

Welcome ... at kotakdzgn this is my first article, you may have once felt surprised while undergoing blogging activities, ... you might have told yourself ... why my blog was not visited by visitors? ... Why am I having trouble writing articles? ... whoever is serious, he will succeed ...

Of course, we've all heard this saying, but many of us aren't motivated. Therefore this time, I will share a few blogging tips so that your blog is liked by visitors. Don't forget the formula in the world of blogging: Traffic = Money. Check out the following tips.
10 Blogging Tips For Beginners So That Your Blog Is Liked By Visitors

10 Blogging Tips For Beginners That You Must Apply

Maybe there have been many who share about blogging tips, but I provide something different, especially for those of u who are beginners and new to the world of blogs.

1. Don't make articles with niches/topics that you haven't mastered

Lots of beginner bloggers who "force themselves" to write articles that they have not mastered at all. For example, the A just created a blog yesterday afternoon, but he has made articles about Adsense. In my opinion, if our knowledge is still lacking, we learn better about topics that we have not mastered; if you force yourself, the things that happen are your visitors will feel strange and distrust your blog. Make AdSense articles ".

2. Make your blog as the most complete provider of information than other blogs

Yes, that is true. The second blogging tips so that your blog is flooded with visitors is to provide the most complete content or articles from other blogs. Do not make articles that are not qualified because it does not deserve to compete on the first page of Google or other SE.

3. Use keywords/keywords that can "hypnotize" visitors

What I mean by "hypnotizing" is not a magic trick/magic, huh ... This method is one of the keys to success so that your blog is visited by visitors; for example, if your blog is included in the first page of Google with targeted keywords is "blogging."

Of course the keyword with the title "secret !!! 15 blogging tips for beginners", will look more interesting to read than an article from another blog titled "blogging tips," this is what I mean by hypnosis earlier. There are also other words to hypnotize: use the word "free." These are compelling words to bring your blog traffic, also use a combination of letters and numbers, other words, for example:

  • Strategy
  • Secret
  • Telling right
  • Great
  • And others

4. Be yourself

As a blogger, we must have our own characteristics. For you to be easily known and familiar with your blog visitors. These characteristics can be:

How to greet visitors at the beginning of the article
Use of certain terms
The language used in writing articles

5. No copy, no paste

Avoid copy-paste! Why?

Actually, no one forbids you to make copy-paste articles. But what we have to know is that a blogger can only see 2 realities, namely:

Successful bloggers organic and quality articles.
Bloggers are not successful》 articles are good, quality but not organic or copy-paste.

6. Give something free to your visitors

Remember the words that can hypnotize earlier? Give your visitors something free, so they are willing to be your regular visitors. And if you are lucky, your visitors will like, share, follow, social media accounts and subscribe to articles from your blog, even if you don't ask for it. Or maybe at least give a comment on your article.

7. Don't be stingy to share knowledge

Do not be afraid if you later share knowledge, your competition will be more and more. This is true, but when viewed from the positive side, your experience will increase, because other people certainly will not think to share knowledge with you.

Therefore sharing knowledge is actually beneficial. We'll see a real example of sharing knowledge in this company. Wikipedia has many volunteers who want to write articles for them. As with WordPress, their members always share tips, plugins, templates for free.

8. SEO

SEO? What is SEO? SEO is the optimization of a blog or website to achieve the best position on search engines.

9. Create a fan page/community for your blog

Proverbial, if you go to school, positively need a book to record the knowledge you can. The same is the case with blogging if you have to have a container so that your visitors don't disappear.

10. Action

Do not delay the action again, try to apply it on your blog. See you in the next article, Hopefully useful ...


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