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What is BulletProof Hosting / Service?

Scammers, Phishing, Botnet, Malware, and websites that spread sensitive information such as WikiLeaks. Where do you all live? Are they hosting on IDH * stinger. Well, Hosting, in general, it monitors the activities of its clients and prohibits illegal acts as I mentioned above. Clients that violate the rules, then the website/server will be closed.

Hmm, I'm increasingly curious about where their hosting is. Do you have your own server ?. After searching on Google, I finally found it too: D. It turns out they use a service called BulletProof Service.
Photo by imgix on Unsplash
Photo by imgix on Unsplash

What is the Cyber ​​Bunker / Bullet Proof Service?

Bulletproof hosting is a service provided by several domain hosting or web hosting companies that allow their customers freedom in the type of material they can upload and distribute.

Many service providers have Terms of Service that don't allow specific material to be uploaded or distributed, or services that will be used in particular ways, and can suspend hosting accounts, after several complaints, to minimize the risk of their IP subnet being blocked by anti-spam filters using Internet Protocol (IP) based filtering. Also, some service providers may have ethical issues that support their terms and conditions of service.

Frequently, Hosting Bullet Proof allows content providers to violate laws or service contract provisions governing Internet content and use of services in their own operating countries, because many of these 'Bullet Proof' are based on 'overseas' (relative to the geographical location of the content provider ).

What's the Difference between Bullet Proof Hosting and Regular Hosting?


  • Most of them do not ask for personal information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, and so on
  • They do not monitor the client's activities at all because they do not want to disturb the client's privacy.
  • Free. Yes, Hosting BulletProof will not forcibly close its clients due to violations of government regulations or whatever. (there are some bulletproof hosting that prohibits Pedophile and Terrorism content)
  • They do not sell client information to other parties. For example, one of his clients was involved in hacking activities, and there was one party who requested the identity of the explorer from the BulletProof provider. Then the provider will not provide that information anywhere. (even the government)
  • Usually, Bullet Proof uses Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to transact for reasons of client security.

Regular Hosting:

  • They always ask for your personal identity such as name, address, telephone number, ID card, and even credit card.
  • They monitor the client's activities
  • Not free. They will forcibly close your hosting if you violate hosting provider rules and government regulations.
  • They will sell their client's personal information to those who need it.

What If The Government Forcibly Closes Bullet Proof Providers?

Usually, they will fight. If it fails, then they will create a new bulletproof company located in various countries.

  • This Is A List Of Providers Of Bullet Proof Forced Close:
  • Russian Business Network (or RBN), taken down in November 2007[5]
  • Atrivo/Intercage, taken down in September 2008[6]
  • McColo, taken down in November 2008[7]
  • 3FN, taken down by FTC in June 2009[8][9][10]
  • Real Host, taken down in August 2009[11]
  • Ural Industrial Company, taken down in Sep 2009[12]
  • Group Vertical, taken down in Oct 2009[13]
  • Riccom, taken down in December 2009[14]
  • Troyak, taken down in March 2010[15]
  • Proxiez, taken down in May 2010[16]
  • Voze Networks, taken down in February 2011[17]
  • Santrex, closed in October 2013 after failing to pay its datacentre provider[18]
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulletproof_hosting

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